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            Since its founding in 1968 , Xili has gone through a history of50 years, which has been 50 years of entrepreneurship, trials, hardships andharvest. In the past 50 years we have journeyed through a path of strugglepaved by sweat and labor.

            Looking back to the 50 years of ourhard journey, we see fruitful changes from having no products of our own toholding intellectual property rights in all our products, 74 inventions andnew-type practical design patents, 59 software warrants and appraisal of 32kinds of products by Zhejiang Department of Science and Technology, fromproducing for other companies to owning our own famous brand in Zhejiang andrenowned trademark in China, from having no market share to covering a marketof 29 provinces, cities and autonomous regions at home and countries inSoutheast Asia and Africa, from having only over 10 million to over 700 millionworth of annual output value with over 60 million worth of taxes, from being acollective workshop-style enterprise to being a national-level High-Techenterprise boasting a province-level enterprise institute and a laboratoryrecognized by CNAS, from working in a low old workshop of 5000 square meters toenjoying spacious bright workshops of 20,000 square meters with modernequipments, and from having less than 100 million RMB for the first SGCCbidding and a market covering only 3~5 provinces to more than 600 million RMBfor SGCC and South Network biddings and to ranking top companies of theindustry by comprehensive strength. We are thankful to the great times, tohardworking pioneers, to persevering and studious Xili people, to our fullysupportive partners, and to our customers and all sectors of society for theirrecognition and support!

            At the meeting point of history andfuture, we are faced with higher mountains to be climbed and longer paths to bemeasured. Xili will continue following the trend of times to grasp possibleopportunities, change its ideas and strive for innovation. It will nurture itsstaff with excellent culture, shape them with mature management and inspirethem with competitive salaries so as to build an enterprise of excellentperformance and realize its dream of being an industry leader and a respectfulenterprise!


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