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                  Hangzhou Xili Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd., formerly known asHangzhou Xili Watthour Meter Manufacture Co. Ltd., was founded in 1968 and re-registered in August 2016 afterrestructuring. With over 50 years' specialization in R&D, manufacturing and supplying of all kinds of smart energymeters, smart watermeters, information collecting terminals for energyconsumption (water, electricity, gas and heat),energy metercabinet, cable branch boxes and electric vehicle charging piles, thecompany is now a national high and new technology enterprise. It has successively passed ISO 9001Quality Management System and ISO 10004 Environment Management System, obtainedOHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification;while its electric energy meters are famous brand products in Zhejiang Province and itstrademark a well-known one throughout China.

                  As a standing member ofZhejiang Instruments Manufacturers Association and Electrical InstrumentsBranch of China Instruments Manufacturers Association, a member of ElectricEnergy Measurement & Load Control Devices Branch Technical Committee ofChina Electrical Instruments Standardization Technical Committee and a memberof both South Africa STS Technical Association and Switzerland DLMS TechnicalAssociation, the company has participated in drafting national standards of theindustry on many occasions.

            Following the management theory“Quality First and Technology to the Success”, Hangzhou Xili considerstechnology as the source of company development and quality as the soul of thecompany survival. As a result, it spends more than 6% of the sales revenueevery year on the new-product development, technological transformation andtechnological innovation so as to ensure the maintenance, operation andimprovement of the quality control system. The company has its ownprovincial-level enterprise institution, High-Tech R&D center andenterprise technical center set up in 2002. Company equipped with German EMHHigh Accuracy Reference Meter, Measurement Standard Test Platform, complete EMCTest Equipment and all sorts of reliability test facilities and owning a uniqueonsite product reliability laboratory in theindustry. Hangzhou Xili also has a large number of qualified research&development talents so that all kinds of research can be carried out with theguidance of market demands and the company development. As a result, a numberof technical researches of the company are at the leadinglevel in China. So far, it has already obtained 83 product design patents and 62 software products warrants. 32 newproducts of the company have passed the product appraisal hosted by ZhejiangScience and Technology Department and some projects of industrialization in theNational Torch Plan. It also well received by thegovernments at all levels. Moreover, it also has established joint laboratoriesand developed IA collaboration with Hong Kong University, Zhejiang University,Zhejiang University of Science & Technology. The academic advantage ofthese universities lays a solid foundation for the industrial technologydevelopment of the company. 

                 The company has more than 280various test equipment, 34 production lines; module level and complete meterlevel high temperature aging chamber covers more than 700 square meters. Inaddition, it also owns South Korea imported high-speed SMT machines, reflowsoldering and wave crest soldering machine, automatic weather-proof paintspraying equipment, online automatic module testing equipment, and automatictesting lines for complete meters. At present, it is with annual capacity of10.49 million single-phase electronic watt-hour meters, 2.42 millionthree-phase electronic watt-hour meters, 0.27 million electricityinformation-collecting terminals, 0.27 million type-I concentrators, 1.2million type-II concentrators, 6.2 million data collectors, 4 million meter cabinet, 60 million seals and 0.05 million sets of electric vehicle charging piles.



                 Since 1999 it has successively passedISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 10004 Environment Management System,obtained OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management SystemCertification, Zhejiang Measurement Confirmation Certificate of Qualification,AA-level Standardization Confirmation Certificate, and gone through annualsupervision and verification of each system every year. Such an excellentsystem helps the company to guarantee working quality of R&D, manufacturing, supplying and service. Its products have passed quality supervisionsample testing of national and provincial technical supervision departments for15 years in succession and have been widely recognized by customers.


                    Sticking to an development conceptof "quality first, science and technology supported", in early 2015the company made a development plan for the following five years, which coversthree main themes: First, offer quality service for public energy measurementmanagement and smart city building through adhering to technological innovationand developing newest and best water, electric, gas and heat measurementmanaging products; Second, build a smart factory, further improve automatic andintelligent level of production and enhance information level of management;Third, strengthen talent development and recruitment, system construction andcultural construction so as to increase constantly enterprise comprehensivestrength, customer satisfaction and staff satisfaction. In its future journeythe company will pay close attention to industrial technological developmentand customer demands from home and abroad in smart power grid construction and smart city building and make everyeffort to offer public energy customers better products and service throughpromoting enterprise development driven by scientific innovation and strivingto develop newer and better products.

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