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            公司簡介 / Company Info

            Hangzhou Xili Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd., formerly known asHangzhou Xili Watthour Meter Manufacture Co. Ltd., was founded in 1968 and re-registered in August 2016 afterrestructuring. With over 50 years' specialization in R&D, manufacturing and supplying of all kinds of smart energymeters, smart watermeters, information collecting

            產品中心 / Product Center
            采集系統設備 感應式電能表 普通電能表 智能電表系列 智能終端系列 采集系統設備 感應式電能表 普通電能表 智能電表系列 智能終端系列

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            Address: Hangzhou West Lake District Zhuantang street ZHUANTANG technology economy block on the 11th       Tel: 0571-56660361       E-mail: hzxilidb@163.com      Fax: 0571-87831251